DoubleBlue Hybrid Capsule, Calcium Supplement for bone and joint nourishment

A capsule dietary supplement in a form of 2-layer capsule for bone and joint nourishment. Nowadays, physical health is something that must be maintained, especially bone issues. The more bone problems you have, the more you need to take care of them. At the older age, the less calcium we produce. The loss of bone mass is according to each’s behavior and lifestyle, especially the person who is addicted to tea, coffee, and soft drink caused the damage and loss of bone mass. A calcium supplement for bone and joint nourishment is a choice that most people choose. This is because in addition to slowing down bone loss, it can also enhance and care for the health of joints and bones. A calcium supplements HybridCapsule. For those who have Osteoarthritis/arthritis and pain in body joints, should change behavior, body weight, and food intake. Even food doesn’t cure the symptom directly. But if choosing the right food, it will help reduce weight problems and enhance healthiness, reduce inflammation caused by overweight. DoubleBlue Hybrid Capsule, Calcium Supplement for bone and joint nourishment

New innovation DoubleBlue Hybrid Capsule, Calcium Supplement for bone and joint nourishment

Hybrid Capsule or 2-layer capsule is developed by food science for dietary supplement imported from foreign countries, distributed by JK Innovation Co., Ltd. The latest innovation, Hybrid Capsule is an innovation designed to work with the human body to its full potential, absorb the highest benefits from the extracts. Oil and powder extracts were divided into layers and composed in only 1 capsule. The body can take the extract completely. The outer layer capsule consisted of Vitamin E and Black Sesame Oil that benefit in calcium producing 6 times better than milk. The inner layer capsule consisted of powder extracts: Qminflex from Curcumin and Avocado powder. It has better anti-inflammatory properties than anti-inflammatory drugs. There are 6 times more Curcumin and were produced from natural extracts. It will not burden the kidneys for 100%.

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DoubleBlue Hybrid Capsule, Calcium Supplement for bone and joint nourishment

The enhancement of bones and joints can be done when you are lower than 30 years old. The bone mass is very high, stable, and will be slowly decelerated. Normally, our body needs 800-1000 mg. per a day according to the research and advice of specialist from the Ministry of Public Health, Department of Health. The specialist said that eating a diet high in calcium is very important in order to create, maintain, restore and prevent the deterioration of bone mass.

Eating with DoubleBlue Hybrid Capsule, Calcium Supplement for bone and joint nourishment

We recommend to take not over 500 mg. each time. You may separate into various meals for better absorption of your body. At the current economic situation, it’s hard to find a specific diet to cure the bone degeneration. Many people choose for the admission or may solve the problem by taking supplement to nourish the bone marrow. We cannot know whether the quantity of extracts is enough for the body or not. For DoubleBlue dietary supplement hybrid capsule, an innovation designed for the extracts absorption in each body.

Example of high calcium extracts

Pain flavor fresh milk, low-fat milk, calcium-fortified soy milk, low-fat fermented milk, black sesame, beans, shrimp, collards, curcumin, avocado, etc. All of these daily consumption quantity is unequal.

Black Sesame Oil extract or sesamin contains anti-inflammatory properties. Prevent and immunize against various diseases. DoubleBlue imported extracts from foreign country accepted worldwide. It contains high calcium 6 times more than milk, and there are also many minerals against diseases, such as Arthritis and etc.

Curcumin extract consists of Qminflex contains 6 times better anti-inflammatory properties than 3 types of curcumin. It is an herb against disease with complete properties. It is recognized worldwide as a 100% natural herb with many benefits.

Nowadays, avocado powder is very popular because of its various benefits: no fat, no subcutaneous fat, no change to your hip size. Perfect for health enthusiasts. It contains antioxidant that helps to protect cells in the body from being damaged as well.

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